SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of doing things that help your website get found when someone searches for you on Google or another search engine.


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You’ve probably had that email through your website- promising you first page results on Google.  It sounds pretty tempting, right?  Do some stuff to your website, and you will get found by anyone who searches for your business.  

That is both true, and a bit of a falsehood. First of all, SEO is a process, and Google is constantly changing its algorithms.  our goal is to stay on top of all of those changes and ensure that we use the latest, correct white-hat techniques to help you get found online by those search engines.  

Why do you care how we do it? In short, it’s important that anyone you hire follows best practices, as many search engines are trying to provide better search results for their users. If you engage in certain practices, Google (and other search engines) will assume that your site is illegitimate, and that you should not be found, and they will black list you. This will ensure that you do not show up in searches online.